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Are Shah Rukh Khan days over ? ? Should he retire ?

Shah Rukh Khan days over

Are Shah Rukh Khan days over ? Well , If you are Shah Rukh Khan fan , please don’t abuse without reading the whole post . King khan is having bad years since he made a comment about intolerance in India . Like everyone else , he did comment about rising intolerance in India . Aamir Khan also made about intolerance , but his movie Dangal earned more than 350 crore . So what happened with Shah Rukh Khan ?

King khan’s recent movie Jab Harry Met Sejal  flopped at the box office . His much awaited movie Raees earned approx 140 cr at Box office  , his Most critically acclaimed movie FAN earned only 85 Cr , Controversial movie Dilwale earned 150 Cr .

Only Fan and Raees got positive reviews , while Jab Harry met Sejal and Dilwale got huge negativity . So main question is ” are Shah Rukh Khan days over ? ”


Are Shah Rukh Khan days over ?

Many people are thinking his days are over , Shah Rukh Khan should retire , bla bla bla . Well , The answer to this question is NO . Shah Rukh Khan’s days are not over . He is the king of Bollywood , He has ruled this industry since 1992 , he will rule again . Lets check about facts .


1.) SRK’s Next is Don 3 :

Everyone know the popularity of Don and Don 2 , People know what the Don is . Director Farhan Akhtar is working very hard on Script of Don 3 , so we can expect movie by 2019 .

Don and Don 2 was huge hit of that time . So Farhan Akhtar is working on Don 3 .

There was news in recent time that , Deepika padukone to replace Priyanka Chopra in Don 3 .  Well , i want Priyanka Chopra to play the role of Junglee Billi in Don 3 .

Don 3

2.) Earn more with less Screens

Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Raees and Dilwale , got huge negativity and Protest , Despite that , movie managed to earn more than 150 cr in India .

Raees earned approx 140 cr and Dilwale earned 150 cr in Indian box office . Raees was released in 2700 screens , clashed with Kaabil Starring Hritik Roshan . Raees got huge protest because of Pakistani Heroine Mahira Khan . Despite all the Huge protest from ruling party , movie did well at the box office .

During Dilwale , everyone know what happened  . Ruling party supporter tried everything to ban movie but Movie released , Ruling party member tried everything to make  Dilwale big flop . They even begged on social media to not to watch Dilwale , Negative twitter trends to boycott Dilwale .

But everything they did , they could not stop Dilwale to reach 150 Cr in India , Well Dilwale lost the Clash with Bajirao Mastani which earned 185 Cr in India . Dilwale was released in 3100 screens .



3.) Shah Rukh Khan still has more fans than Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar combined

After flops of Jab Harry met Sejal and Fan , Shah Rukh Khan did not lose his  fan . He has still more fan following than Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar .

Aamir Khan’s movie earn so much because of his movie script not because of his stardom . Akshay Kumar’s movie earn well because of Good script .

so there is no deny , that SRK still has more fan following than Aamir and Akshay combined .


Shah Rukh Khan

4.) Shah Rukh Khan ‘s experimental role

Unlike any other actor , Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor who does experiment in his movies , He did experiment in Ra.One , FAN  . Well FAN flopped at box office but Ra.One did some business . Ra.One has awesome VFX but no scirpt .

SRK’s Next Film with Anand L. Rai , where he is playing the role of Dwarf  . Again experiment with his role . Movie is already in Buzz , that Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of a dwarf .

Another  is with Aditya Chopra , where he plays the role of a warrior .

I don’t know if these two movie will succeed at the box office or not but Shah Rukh Khan is making his move . Despite failure of Fan , he did not turn in to Salman Khan .

Shah Rukh Khan warrior


Final Words on Are Shah Rukh Khan Days over ?

Well , You got the answer , Shah Rukh Khan’s days can not over . King is always King , it does not matter if king is wounded or dead . If Amitabh Bachchan can make comback at the age of 60 then why can not SRK . One or 2 failure can not decide future .

Shah Rukh khan’s next movie are with the directors like Anand L. Rai , Farhan Akhtar , Kabir Khan and Aditya Chopra . Hope everything will be good with SRK .

Thank you for reading , Comment your views .


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