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Pari Movie Review : Scary and much more thrills [3/5]

pari movie review

Pari Movie Review : Scary and much more thrills : Director Prosit Roy’s supernatural thriller stars Anushka Sharma as a mysterious creature of unknown origins and curious intentions. Her worldly name is Rukhsana, but she appears to be not entirely of this world. Why did her mother (played by Preeti Sharma) keep her tied up in a hole in the woods and in a filthy condition no beast deserves?

Pari Movie Review: Do not be confused with the name of the movie, it is not a fairytale story. Anushka’s film ‘Pari’ is a horror movie. Anushka has taken a very scary gate-up for this movie. At the same time Anushka looks very dangerous in every scene of the film. So far, the audience had seen Anushka beautifully in every role on the screen. At the same time Anushka is seen scared in Silent Look. Apart from Anushka in the film, Paramabhata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakrabarti are.

Anushka is playing the role of a Rooh in the movie Pari, directed by Prosit Roy. Where she meets a person who sympathizes with her. He keeps that girl with him, even after the mother stopped . But in the meantime, the person realizes that something that is strange with the girl who is living with him. At the same time, his life is not normal. What is the past of the angel who is seen in his own cruel room . To know more , go to cinema . 

pari movie review

Pari Movie Review :

Rating : 3/5

Actor : Anuskha Sharma, Rajat Kapoor, Ritabhari Chakraborty ,Parambrata Chattopadhyay

Director : Prosit Roy

Written By : Prosit Roy , Abhishek Bannerjee

This film is the  Anushka Sharma’s production. Earlier, Anushka has been seen in ‘NH 10’ and ‘Phillauri’. Both films were Anushka’s home production films. The audience liked the ‘NH 10’ that came in 2015. Critics also lauded the film. But Anushka’s film ‘Phillauri’ was not liked by the audience. At the box office, the film did not show anything special.  Now you have to see how much Anushka’s film ‘Pari’ can entertain the audience.

Its must watch thriller , not typical Bollywood horror movie .


Pari Movie Controversy :

During the shooting of the film in August 2017 in south 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, a technician (Shah Alam) died of electrocution. The shooting of the film at the shooting site was immediately stopped .


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